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Street Art

 This poster published in America to call American people to the army.

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The Movie

I’ve watched also the film of the book and I liked it but the characters are different imagined in my mind in book, the places are too. Here I’ve IMDb results of movie:   IMDb-Holes

"A wrongfully convicted boy is sent to a brutal desert detention camp where he joins the job of digging holes for some mysterious reason.


Andrew Davis


Louis Sachar (novel), Louis Sachar (screenplay)

There is the trailer of Holes movie:

About language and some words

The writer Louis Sachar has used a simple language in the book “Holes”. It is easy to understand the main idea and the story. Sometimes there are some different words for us but we can easily guess the meanings of them.
Also because of simple language, we can enjoy with this book. 
Louis Sachar has used the characters and dialogue between figures well.
As a result I can say that the writer’s used a language which we use in our daily life.

-Unknown Words

Word                                 Guess                             Meaning

Oak  (p.7)                        kind of tree                  a deciduous tree of the genus Quercus
Perseverance (p.12)         a good skill to work      the act of persisting
Bully(p.25)                       sb. like bull J              person who uses their strength to others
Tease sb.  (p.53)              to come closer              make fun of sb.
Lose track of sth.(p.93)    be fotgot                      become forgetful about sth.
Split (p.104)                     in a short time               very short moment of time
Extend (p.120)                 to be                            cover a particular area
Steep (p.132)                   too far                          rising or falling quickly

At the top of God's thumb

“I found refuge on God’s thumb” (s.104,c.29) That was what Stanley’s great Grandfather said after KB has robbed and left him in desert. so Stanley and Zero go to the God’s thumb to stay alive.
They go there and start to climbing, but it is too hard to arrive the top of mountain. Zero is really bad because of Sploosh and he’d ache. He can’t climb and Stanley helps him. He take Zeroni to the God’s thumb.4. Stanley does what his great Grandfather Elya had to do ages ago. He gives Zeroni water and Zeroni  drinks it. He sings him a song:
If only, if only, the woofpecker sights,
The bark on the tree was just a little bit softer.
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
He cries to the mooo-oo-oon.
If only, if only.”
Because of Stanley’s great Grandfather didn’t do what he had to, the Yelnats family has a curse for ages. Stanley takes Hektor “Zeroni” to the God’s thumb so the curse doesn’t effect more.

There was also most important things that we need to remember:
-God’s thumb
-Madam Zeroni
-family curse
-Onion seller Sam
-Zero’s illness

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Sam, also known as Doc Hawthorn and his love Kate Barlow

"There was a doctor in town of Green Lake, one hundred and ten years ago."(c.25,p88) describes the book him. The people, who live in town call him as onion seller "Sam" or Doc Hawthorn. He sells onions; sweet, fresh onions and he has also a donkey named Mary Lou.
Sam is a negro and he is a good man who want to help people. He gets onions from the other side of lake with his boat for towner with his strong arms.
In Green Lake town there was also a teacher named Kate Barlow. She is the most beautiful woman in this town, so every men in this town go to school to see Kate. She also prepare delicious peach jam and every year she win an award for this peach jams.
The relationship between Sam and Kate begined one day while Sam was selling his onions. Kate came near Sam and bought from him some onions and for onions she gave him some peach jar. She said that school's roof leaks when it rains. Sam fixed it for her and the other day the window the other day the door and the other day the heart. Sam also fixed the heart of Kate. He kissed there her and a man saw them there.
Their love was not possible in America. Negros were the worst people for whites. But they loved each other. Sam was dead the next day, because of he kissed Kate.
After Sam died, Kate killed and robbed people. When she understood she will not find Sam again than she killed herself. After this day, the people dig the holes to improve their characters.

Before and After

Hi, Dear "Holes" reader,
I noticed that we must begin to write this blog during we read the book, but I've just finished book and I'm writing now...Maybe I've got a curse like Yelnats :) 
Before I read the book, I asked myself how can it be enjojing to read a book. Everybody around me said: "Ecda just begin to read than you will be finish". It happened actually like they said. But maybe because of the semester will be soon end, I read "Holes" just in 2 days :)
Also I've seen the film before I read the book and I liked it. But I was expecting that in book it can be more and some different things. Unfortunately it didn't happend. Most of book or almost of book was in film. To not be difference between book and film has disapointed me.
When I want to tell you my general impression about book: I liked it but it was not as well as like my friends said. So it didn't satisfy me. 
If I want to comment on language in book, I can say it's very simple to understand, so I liked that too.
I suggest this book to people who not like read, I promise you'll enjoy with it.
Last I've three question for who has read the book: How can a kid hate his great grandfather like that?!?
And why did judge punish the fourth Yelnats with sending to Camp Green Lake?
Is there really a family curse?